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Compression Ratio No. Does this summarily exclude the possibility of these being KHR flywheels? I have not and would like to avoid seeing the pistons, as the bike runs reasonably well. these are 1340 wheels. In 1986, Harley-Davidson upgraded the Sportster with the newly designed Evo engine, replacing the Ironhead that had become a staple of the Sportster since its inception. I have a receipt showing stroker flywheels and 3 pages all other sorts of parts for a complete engine rebuild. All pre-2000 Sportsters have taper-shaft flywheels that were designed to be rebuilt. 25:1 compression. May need custom crank washers to make the clearance right. Vintage Harley Davidson Flywheels Sportster Iron Head And Rods 24296-52. Engine Size/Model Other parts such as pinion gears and bearings must also be changed, depending. Our engine building capabilities are second to none. These will accept 2. Can also be used to check case clearance on stroker flywheels. maybe try one of the 1550 cals like #11 or #20. 99. Start, Rivera Pro Clutch, Too much to list. 100˝ and 1. Compare. Nothing adds torque like stroker flywheels! Gives you the power for high cruising speed, and better acceleration, also increases compression. S And S Cycle Flywheels. ) That's almost $3000 just in parts. Flywheels and connecting rods are made from high strength forgings, than fully machined and than balanced. I believe they are old S&S sportster flywheels. See 506. The compression ratio on Buells was to 10:1 VS 9:1 on XL's. . Flywheels Crank & Rods Genuine Harley Fits EVO 80" FLH FLHTC Shovel BT Pan X1. They have SS and LL cast into each of them and the number 366-7 stamped on each one underneath the main shaft tapers. 117ci Big Bore Stroker Kit. Truett started racing in the 1960s, and was constantly working to get more out of his drag bikes. 10 The balance of your money, $4,667. The 4 1/2" stroke flywheels and 3 7/8" bore pistons boost the displacement of a stock Twin Cam 88 engine to 106CI (1,740cc), using your stock cylinders that have to be bored out. 00 so it looks like a lot of your $8,810. S&S stroker flywheels. All flywheels for that model motor thereafter will be marked with the TDC mark, and the advance mark (probably a vertical slash in your case) will be stamped in the proper number of degrees before the TDC mark. Harley's decision to stick with the semi-unit construction of previous Sportsters resulted in a distinctly configured valve train. Stroker Flywheel Kit - 320-0460. Ask if you have any questions. 375 stroker crankshaft H-Beam rods Nice Harley Ironhead Sportster Flywheels Crankshaft Connecting Rods 77-81 XLH 1000cc Why Does This Cause The Flywheels To Shift? As we mentioned earlier in the article, the Twin Cam crankshaft is a three (3) piece assembly which consists of a left flywheel half (sprocket side), common crank pin and right flywheel half (pinion side). where engine Sproket , triplex primary chain and clutch hub go. In order to replacement the bendix, I have to take the front cover off and pull the flywheel. Really not pracital for a street bike, Many years back we did a lot of this to build drag racing and Bonneville engines. 2% similar) Kit, piston Fits twin cam models equipped with stroke bore cylinders, stroker flywheels rod assembly, and 103 cylinder heads. 00. The 106CI (1,740cc) Stroker Set Up for Twin Cams delivers real performance gains at a reasonable price, and does not require any crankcase modifications. If replacing the pistons in a older 77" stroker engine, stroker plates are required, and all clearances must be checked. You can not "bore" a 883 to 1200cc. The TRUE Solution to a Smooth Lower End. Am I correct? If it is the case, can I remove the cover without take the engine out? Any suggestion would be appreciated. Choose Favorites List. Order Your Custom Engine Today! read more. The Buell used a bolt-in performance cam in all models but the M2. Hell, a genuine Harley Davidson 80" motor can be bought complete for about $3,000. 20" over, sold seperately. This is a brand new product designed and developed by the Axtell Mountain motor team. Now you can easily stroke almost any Harley-Davidson engine, from a 1915 J to a 1999 Evolution using stroker flywheels kits available from Truett & Osborne. You can special order show polished engines and they are available in black or natural finish as well. Harley-davidson H-d Flathead . 741 Stroker data / work in progress (revised 10. Harley-davidson 4-12 1941-47 Knucklehead 1948-54 Panhead 84 Stroker Flywheels. We have over 30 years of experience remanufacturing Harley-Davidson® engines and are considered the motorcycle 74” IRONHEAD SPORTSTER These engines built by us are real fun. Made up entirely by owner from left-over parts from many vintage bikes, from different eras. The Harley 45" flywheels & Sportster flywheels are priced the same as Lighter Weight Flywheels. New barrels , fitted to resized cases. you'll see which are similar and which are a lot different to give you an idea of the ranges If replacing the pistons in a older 77" stroker engine, stroker plates are required, and all clearances must be checked. 0. Additional features include dual serial numbering on each case half, clearance for cams up to 650"-lift, and stroker flywheels to 5" diameter. 87 Harley - $875. Plus a bit of machine work on the crankcase and cylinder heads. Shop our complete selection of Harley-Davidson Motorcycle parts and accessories including the S&S Cycle 106 in. Built with large engines in mind, JIMS transmissions Flywheels for 74" & 80" OHV models are available in Lighter Weight or Torquemonster version. Frame: Front half is from a 1956-1959 Triumph 650, the Rear half is from a 1937-1952 Triumph 500 Speed Twin (hard-tail). Ironhead Flywheel Rebuild. I don't know how much room the SR has inside, but I'd guess that, if there is any extra available, someone will offer a set of stroker flywheels to fill it. Engine Flywheels Rods Crank Shafts Designed for use with aftermarket stroker flywheels. 00 is going for advertising and cnc machine tool payments. 3 results for harley davidson stroker flywheels Save harley davidson stroker flywheels to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. These will require the separate purchase of a set of stroker flywheels. General Instructions for All Flywheel Installations and Instructions for 37/16" - 31/2" Bore Big Twin Stroker Kit 1936–1999 S&S ® Cycle, Inc. Complete with chrome socket head hardware with rolled threads for increased strength and reliability. This shaft was very large taper, set at 8 degrees, and had a lot of problems with slippage in the flywheel. Find Bike Parts, Bodies, and Frames Can someone help me identify these flywheels. The Evolution engine (popularly known as Evo) is an air-cooled, 45-degree, V- twin engine Also available in the Sportster model beginning in 1986, it was made in the 1,100 cc (67 cu in) displacement until 1988 and is still made in the 883 cc  HARLEY-DAVIDSON,1985-2004 883/1200 Sportster Conversion Kit - JE Pistons 1985-2004 883/1200 Sportster Conversion Kit. These ARE fun engines but should be handled by a experienced engine builder,tuned by a Master tuner and owned by someone with reasonable expectations concerning engine life. $230. Screamin Eagle Pro Stroker Flywheel and Rod Assembly 4-3/8" - These Stroker flywheels provide 103 or 113 cubic inches of raw power for your Twin Cam engine, by increasing your stock stroke from 4. fits evolution big twins 1984 to 1999. 00 per set if only rod set is needed and flywheels assembled and trued) If your pinion shaft or sprocket shaft are reusable, the prices will be much less. Sportster GT Seats by Recaro. <P> Check out our Supplier Links tab for companies we deal directly with. Moving the center point of the crank pin will maximize stroke and result in large power gains, not to mention give your american made motorcycle a rumbling exhaust note that can be heard well down the road. 96 results for flywheels harley Save flywheels harley to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. The Sportster and Buell Motorcycle Forum - The XLFORUM® > SPORTSTER MOTORCYCLE FORUM > Sportster Motorcycle Era Specific and Model Specific > Ironhead Sportster Motorcycle Talk (1957-1985) Ironhead S&S FlyWheel & Stroker Information Harley Flywheels, Harley Connecting Rods, Harley Stroker Flywheels, Harley Stroker Kit, Harley Flywheel Assembly, S&S Stroker Flywheels, Harley Rod Rollers, Harley Parts, Biker Parts Superstore - www. All flywheels first introduced in 1940 end in "40X", where X is blank (150-40) for the first flywheel, then a number is added in the 3rd position as many times as needed to cover new flywheels for 1940: 150-401, etc. S&S laughed at me, but Truett & Osborn said sure, 1999-2006 SCE Harley Davidson 4. 72 The Harley-Davidson Ironhead motor is the main reason for the enduring success of the Sportster. 1340 in a sportster? Get a set of stroker flywheels and big bore cylinders from S&S, Lot easier/cheaper than swapping different type engine/gearbox into a Sporty Old Icons! 1960 Harley-Davidson Sportster XLCH ‘Survivor’ Full Moon also added KHK stroker flywheels, hummer forks, XLR exhaust pipes, and Linkert carbs, while outfitting the bike with a Services: Hot-Shot Motorworks has spent many years in Research and Development of many new performance parts and packages for the Harley-Davidson® engine. The flywheel kit we stuffed into our stock H-D crankcases is one of S&S’s 89″ Stock Bore Stroker Kits for 1984-99 Carbureted Big Twins (#32-2230/$1,134. Full Moon Cycle’s 1960 Harley-Davidson Sportster XLCH drag survivor is one such vehicle, boasting an insanely accurate Sledge Hammer Pistons Hammer Performance is proud to offer our exclusive SLEDGE HAMMER pistons! $309. It is a barn find, original survivor and I left it how I  counterweight) is cast into the flywheels directly opposite those parts at full big- bore or stroker monster, the benefits of Sun-Tech's . in Madisonville, TN 37354, USA. 106 CI Bolt on Big Bore Kit Some kits require a longer stroke crankshaft (not included, but available from NRHS - please call). Lots of little stuff to check on these stroker motors. It make believers out of non-believers that Iron-heads are still alive! 74” S&S STROKER KITS DYNA OR CRANE IGNITION CASE MODS FOR STROKER KITS HILLSIDE CYCLE STAGE II IRONHEADS W/DUAL PLUGS S&S “E” CARBURETOR SPACER BLOCK Stroker 101 with WL flywheels (750 cc). The legendary S&S stroker flywheel kits - still unsurpassed in quality and versatility. Our goal is a customer experience like no other. The S & S 89" stroker kit is designed with maximum potential engine life and performance in mind. -complete set of engine covers. Stroker Flywheel Kit - 320-0460 at Dennis Kirk. Find the S&S Cycle 106 in. 625”), or 13/16” (. engine tools tImken® bearIng removerS Use to remove Timken® bearing from sprocket shaft without removing shaft from flywheels. Custom frame? Custom paint. My 2004 seadoo sportster le Di Starter turns fast and and bendix not engaging the flywheel. This is what we call spinning a crankshaft… and it is not a good thing. 926" rod length and do  97'' & 106" BIG BORE KIT. Before installing the flywheels with connecting rods, we placed the assembly on a truing stand to ensure everything was aligned and true. The Ironhead Sportster Garage - bikes and forum Sportster Tips from the Sportster Mailing List Swesportsters - Swedish Sportster Club Critter's Ironhead Sportster Pages Ebay Victory-Library, stroker flywheels for ironheads, and a bunch of cool stuff Victory-Library, XL cams Project Back Ache, 1974 IronHead Sportster This may mean it would need 81 flywheels to work if it will work. (posted on March 9th, 2017) That becomes the number that is published as to how many degrees "full advance" the engine takes. 0" t All early flywheels are "150-" regardless of engine type. 1900-IS 4 5/8”Big Twin Stroker Flywheel Assemblies (Without pistons) Part No. Cash only. These S&S flywheels are a 5-piece design that is easily rebuilt with standard flywheel fixtures and tools. the flywheels will work. S&S Cycle offers a complete 124" engine to replace the existing Harley-Davidson ® Twin Cam 88 ® engine in a stock chassis, making it easy to get the performance you want from your late model motorcycle. aSSEmblED CID borE STrokE ComprESSIon raTIo UnaSSEmblED ironhead sportster flywheels crankshaft connecting rods 57-76 900 1000 xl harley Up for sale is a used crank from a 1974 sportster, fits 57-76 ironhead models. venturi 北海道帯広市西18条南1丁目2-9 詳細プロフィールを表示 1973 Harley-Davidson Sportster XLCH - $4800 (Ferndale) 1973 Harley-Davidson Ironhead Sportster XLCH 1200cc 4 5/8 Stroker flywheels with . ENGINES 9-2 It’s your choice for these top quality S&S Engines. L1981-1985. Skip to main content S&S 1957-1971 Harley Sportster Stroker 4-7/16 Flywheel Set. Basically, the increased cost is from all the post processing. CRANK SHAFTS FOR SPORTSTER. The Lighter weight flywheels are the same width and weight for both right and left sides (similar to Evolution flywheels and S&S). 3 13/16. cotten, my intention was to go with a milder cam and a linkert, the cam because i don't have a stock one. This design offers these advantages: • Knife edging is a proven design used in race motors to make the flywheels "shed" oil more quickly to reduce drag at high rpm. There are no stroker plates. 99) today when you shop RevZilla for your S&S 883 To 1200 Conversion Kit For Harley Sportster 1986-2020! Free Shipping, Lowest Price  Shown is a late-style Sportster cam gear kit, lower collars, and pushrods made from either steel or aluminum. not the 1200 wheels your bike came with. Pinion conversion needed for 90-99 engines (sold seperately) Choose pistons from Std. EXL. Motorcycle Parts. Includes: rebuilt rod set, lower end bearings, balancing, machine work, big bore kit, gasket set, new valves and guides, boring, valve job, true and assemble flywheels and install in your cases. S&S Evolution 89 Cubic Inch Stroker Kit without Pistons. Nothing adds torque like stroker flywheels! Gives you the power for high cruising speed, and better acceleration. 29. harley davidson talk forums. *see note* Flywheels for 45" Flathead, K-model, Sportster, and JD models only available in stock Weight. It combines the features of a sports seat and the lightweight shell of a racing seat. You'll save over 100 bucks versus eBay when you factor in shipping. 97 FXDL 89 inch S&S stroker flywheels New Pistons, cam shaft,& valve springs New oil pump, adj pushrods Mikuni Carb. Left and right are not odd & even, and may not be sequential. $445. S&S 111" HARLEY FLYWHEELS CRANK RODS EVO BOTTOM 4 1/8 STROKER FI MOTOR ENGINE. These pistons are specifically engineered for extreme applications including professional competition. It seems the rod ratio is close to a 96 stroker but skirt clearance will have to be checked. These stroker cranks in combination with the required stroker and/or stroker Big Bore pistion kits turn your Twin Cam into a Mean Machine. Considered by many Sportster purists as the last real Harley engine, the Ironhead is the throbbing powerhouse that lends heart and soul to a long line of Sportsters produced from 1957 to 1985. Welcome to T-Man Performance! T-Man Performance in Kernersville, NC is a shop full of devoted and extremely talented high performance experts. lesser quality flywheels, unbalanced flywheels and non-Timken bearings…TR has begun offering a complete bottom end rebuild. But doing it right, to me, meant new cams ($400,) new clutch ($500) and new trans ($1000. . I run their 2 into 1 headers as much as possible & make a muffler or can, or use theirs if it fits, or if max performance is desired. the drive side of flywheels on this model, use tappered timkin bearing, was the last year this was used. Thanks We took our empty Sportster cases to Bennett's Performance in Signal Hill, CA, to have Eric Bennett install the flywheel assembly, while his father Bob offered helpful hints and advice along the way. Call today and allow our technical staff to develop a solution, to fit your needs and budget. 57 4-716 Stroker Flywheels. Harley-Davidson Sportster Performance Handbook, 3rd Edition exhaust system factory five-speed flow flywheels fork four-speed frame Davidson Sportster Truett & Osborn stroker flywheels S&S forged stroker pistons, 9. The lightened, machined flywheels are made from 4140 and the rods are probably 4140 or possibly 4340. NEW !!! Midwest DEALER PORTAL Request a Wholesale Account to Buy Ultima Products Online at this link: In the 45 years since Truett & Osborn set out on their quest for cubic inches, over 15,000 sets of their stroker flywheels have been installed "without a single failure, even in the blistering The main potential for a gain comes from the possibility of increasing the stroke. com 4. What all that means is we reused the stock H-D cylinders, but we swapped out the stock 4-1/4″ stroke flywheels for a set of S&S 4-5/8″ stroker flywheels. Indian 1934-48 Sport Scout Fcd, Fdo, Fdh, Andc. In last month's issue we showed you how we modified our '86 Sportster frame to accommodate an S&S; Sidewinder/Stroker kit fitted into H-D Sportster cases. The Sportster is the latest in aftermarket seating technology. 2-liter Race Engine has 135 HP / 135 Torque. Unfollow flywheels harley to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. To build a 45"/750cc 101/WL stroker from a 37"/600 cc engine, you will need the major parts below. Iron Sportster & K Model Autolite 4316 Champion H8C Champion H10C(hotter) Sportster (XLR heads) Autolite 65 Harley WL 45" Autolite 386 Autolite 45 (tapered seat) Harley Panhead Autolite 4275 Champion L92YC Champion J12YC Harley Shovelhead(short) Autolite 4275(with points/magneto) Harley Shovelhead(long) Autolite 4265(with points/magneto) Panhead & Shovelhead Stroker Flywheels: 4-1/2”. also that cave you see is where gear box goes. 32-2489 Although similar to flywheels for Sportster® models, these flywheels are knife edged and lightened. But they were not really nice for street engines. £121. At HAMMER PERFORMANCE, we have extensive experience preparing crankshafts for high performance and racing use. S&S Cycle was founded in 1958, and the first product sold was a solid lifter conversion kit featuring light weight aluminum pushrods. late 84-99, s&s flywheels . Contrary to the OEM crankshaft in 2000 thru 2003 models these crankshafts feature a separate sprocket shaft and pinion shaft, which makes a rebuild possible. 66 (I read on vi). * Please Note * 1972-1981 Original Harley flywheels used sprocket shaft part # 24001-72. 100" Fat So Combo Here is a Super Deal on this fresh built 100" Black and Chrome Fat So with S&S Flywheels , S&S oil pump , S&S cam , Keith Black pistons and Mikuni 42mm Carb ! Also included is a brand new black and 5 speed , new chrome hi torque starter and new 3" open belt drive . See chart below. JE Pistons offers forged pistons and other accessories for your vintage or recent Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Purchase a Flywheel Assembly with 4-5/8. The rod I have now is 1. S&S® Oil Filter Mount for S&S® Alternator/Generator, KN-Series, P-Series, SH-Series, 1986-'90 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® models, S&S® Superstock® and Special Application Crankcases for Sportster® and Buell® Models: 106-4426: 106-4891 Aside from the regularly customized platforms that we see on a daily basis, something can be said about a purist motorcycle that’s only been outfitted to operate on necessity. Biker Part Superstore : Sportster Flywheels - Engine - Rocker - Lifter Sprockets Carburetors - EFI System Brakes - Rotors - Calipers Footpegs Transmission - Driveline Belts - Chains Hardware Lighting - License Plates Electrical - Components Oil Tanks Air Cleaners Batteries - Covers Hand Controls Suspension - Forks - Shocks Frames - Crash Guards Risers - Top Clamps Handlebars Floorboards Purchase a Truett & Osborn Complete Crank Assembly - TorqueMonster Flywheels for your Harley-Davidson or Indian motorcycle from Vital V-Twin Cycles. Thanks fo rthe reply. you can open the calibration files on the PC and look at the fuel and advance tables to compare the difference between them. FITMENT • 1972-’85 1000cc Ironhead Sportster models Jakaroo's Shovelhead Alley, Your internet shovelhe source for tech tips, pictures and more! research your Make and Model number with the VIN finder and read Shovelhead history. Dennis Schaefer points out how to identify S&S crankcases and flywheels and what the serial numbers mean. This complete engine package includes all the components you need to build a high-performance ride while still retaining the original factory warranty. Something to consider the next time you have to rebuild your old Harley. SHOP NOW · CNC PORTED HEADS & FUEL SYSTEM UPGRADES. S&S Cycle Stock Cylinder and Stroker Piston Kit for the Shovelhead. Includes metering oil screw. Loading Unsubscribe from dawg141? 1975 Ironhead Sportster Looking for Trouble and Found It - Duration: 8:23. 671" crank pin, no need for welding! Building a stroker the right way can get expensive. 1) Used WL flywheels. HD45 flywheels & Sportster flywheels are priced the same as Lighter Weight Flywheels. Harley 1987 Evo Xl Sportster Engine And Frame Wsalvage Title Local Pick-up Only. FOR 1999-2006 BIG TWINS. Heads are assembled. I cannot wait to rebuild the motor and have you balance the flywheels. The words Harley®, Harley-Davidson®, H-D®, Sportster®, Evolution®, and all H-D part numbers and model designations are used in reference only. Still having trouble? Give our team a call during normal business hours, M-F 9-5 CST at Zipper’s has developed 3-13/16” bore aluminum alloy cylinders for 883 and 1200 engines to increase the engine size to 88” with the stock stroke crankshaft. 2) New WL crankpin and big end assy. $1,168. The assembly consists of left and right flywheels, sprocket shaft, pinion shaft, male and female connecting rods, roller bearings in cages, and thrust washers. The bike is much smoother through the RPM range and cruises much smoother on the freeway. I paid about $1000 for my S&S stroker kit a few years back for my '76. It is a basic 4 channel plane that is capable of most FLT- 1031. Shop the best Motorcycle Flywheels for your motorcycle at J&P Cycles. Sportster. 1980 Harley Shovelhead Hardtail "Harley Ed" of Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States made available these photographs of his gorgeous 1980 Harley Shovelhead Hardtail Bobber which has a Paughco Hardtail Wishbone frame and a Kraftech springer fork, and which had the Harley Davidson Shovelhead engine upgraded through a 93 cubic inch S&S Sidewinder™ stroker kit. 10 Jul 2018 Yet today, Harley-Davidson's Big Twins and Sportsters are among A few four- stroke motocross engines continue with rollers, mainly The five pieces are the two large circular flywheels, two main shafts, and one crankpin. S And S Cycle Flywheels For Evolution 8-1/2 In This 1960 Harley-Davidson Sportster XLCH Survivor Bike is the perfect example of that. I took the flywheels to a local shop and they haven't been able to get them any closer. T4463 ‘06-up FXD Twin Cams® ‘07-up FXST & FL Twin Cams® 17-28 miscellaneous tools bearing and race puller tool Sportster Seats V-Rod Seats Custom Ridgid Seats and Pillion Pads Seat Pans Pillion Pads Detachable Seat Pads Comfort and Heating Fender Bibs Skins Covers when using Solo Seat SEAT RAIN COVERS UV SHIELDS and REPAIR Seat Mounting Hardware The stroker flywheels (small stroke) only needed minor clearance (to clear the pinion nut) The case cylinder spigot for rod clearance) was machined by Jeff Wiley. It takes quite a bit more enrichment than the baseline Linkert setup on the high speed adjustment, which may give an indication of increased displacement. Come balanced for use with stock pistons. 86. Find your 16 stroker flywheels ftr! Featuring an extensive array of 16 Stroker Flywheels Ftr available on sale now. Those are different from Big Twin and late sportster. Find your 7 16 stroker flywheels! Featuring an extensive array of 7 16 Stroker Flywheels available on sale now. 6:1 Comp Ratio Heads ported & dual plugged Andrews X cams S&S Super B carburetor Trock iron trap door and shifter pawl carrier Barnett clutch w/ Trock spring Crane Hi-4 Single Fire ignition Nology coils Frame: Paughco 120 Hardtail Sportster, 2 1/4" stretch, 5 deg over rake That depends on many things, but if you are looking for the best street performer off the shelf, Supertrapp is a dyno proven winner. EVO engine in the Sportster . Hooligan Kit  Sea-Doo 4 Stroke Impeller PTO Removal Tool GTX/Sportster/LTD/RXP . 1957-up Sportster flywheels, optional Description rods are Used to hold flywheel assembly in vise, for assisting assembly or dissassembly with or without left case attached. I've balanced many motors and know that, considering the flywheel mass, small variences in the balance factor do not make a large difference in the median balance range - We've used 60% for S&S stroker wheels, but used 55% for stock Harley flywheels. Big Jugs S&S V2 Sportster style flywheels have three timing marks, "F", "R" and "TF". Asking $500 for all. In 2009, Harley-Davidson added the Iron 883 to the Sportster line, as part of the Dark Custom series. There was nothing wrong with it when it was removed. 060" over and it was still only twin cam 96tm/103tm s 2007-2013 parts for ection 4 s&s® 1986-2013 sportster® buell® flywheels for 1986 03 harley-davidson® sportster® and 1994 02 buell® models s&s flywheels for 1986 03 sportster and 1994 02 buell models are of five piece design and feature a large tapered sprocket shaft and pinion shaft since the stock flywheels for For anyone on two wheels, motorcycling enthusiasts, Harley-Davidson Magazine, seekers of information on building and maintaining motorcycles, motorcycles for sale, Sturgis Rally. Stroker means flywheels with increased stroke for more cubic inches in high  1250 kits, 88ci kits, 90ci kits, and more for Harley Davidson Sportster and Black Highlighted 2004-Present 1275 Kit for Harley Davidson XL Sportster or Buell . New pistons can be fit to your existing cylinders for a reasonable charge. S&S offers machine shop services through the S&S Service & Speed Center®. S And - $1,323. Assembly is for 1973-1984 Big Twin and are machined from heat treated steel forgings. S&s Cycle 32-2222 Stock Bore 84" Stroker 4-1/2" Flywheels Harley 70-'84 Big Twin. 1969 Sportster Ironhead XLCH Life's a Bitch Thank God There's Sportsters! Creg from Hagerstown, Maryland, USA made available these photographs of his great looking deep dark blue vintage 1969 Sportster Ironhead XLCH which has an 4 5/8 Stroker Kit installed to boost the capacity and power of the Ironhead engine which originally was 883cc. 95 86-99 sportster, heavy duty New, rebuilt, and used Harley Evolution engines for sale by individuals, parts suppliers, and dealers. They come complete except for the charging and ignition system. bike was running when removed. S&S carb. I also suspect cams, a racing clutch, and stroker flywheels ( again see the notations the original owner noted in the bore and stroke specifications photo, where he noted a different bore and stroke next to the factory specs. Harley Davidson 36-54 S+s Flywheels And Rods 4 58 Stroker Wheels. 11 Mar 2019 Zipper's Performance chain conversion kit for Harley-Davidson Sportster models allows you to change your gear Sportster Chain Conversion Kit By Zippers Performance Indian's 2020 Heavyweight Thunder Stroke Lineup. 757 Sea Doo 4-Tec Drive Shaft Carbon Carbone Seal Rebuild Kit GTX GTI GTS Wake. Harley-davidson H-d Flathead 45 Wl, G Side-valve 900cc Stroker Flywheels SMC Cycles : Stroker - Big Twin 1984 - Up Classic Pre-1984 Sportster 1952-Up vtwin, vtwinmfg, v-twin mfg, motorcycle parts, motorcycle, harley, harley davidson SPEC SHEET FOR: JIM MOSHER’S 58" STROKER "SUPER SCOUT". Join Our Newsletter. it has a sidecar and i was going to keep the stroker for that reason. Design features include: 4-5/8" stroke flywheels machined from heat-treated steel forgings, for strength 45 Harley Hot Rod Help. Recently put up for sale on eBay after touring vintage bike meetups in the Midwest, this barn find bike is an original survivor dragster from Ohio with just enough work done to it to make it run and drive safely. Each engine build is different. Two extra swing arms, two are chrome one is unfinished, one is longer. Some kits simply modify the intake system. 00 The 106CI (1,740cc) Stroker Set Up for Twin Cams delivers real performance gains at a reasonable price, and does not require any crankcase modifications. 5 inches taller than an Ironhead; it won't fit in a 66 frame without a bunch of bending, cutting and welding. The hybrid design incorporates the strength of a metal seat base with a reinforced polymer based backrest. This requires stroker flywheels and special big bore cylinders. Choose between unassembled, assembled, CID, bore and stroke. Could use Evo or Twin cam pistons. As can be seen on the diagram, if one of the flywheels actually moves after being pressed, the two wheels and their shafts are no longer running on the same plane (both shaft are no longer true to each other). Extra pipes. This means neither end would fall due to gravity, but having the weight in opposing areas would make it want to shake since the center of gravity is not parallel with the flywheels. Fits: 1966-1984 Harley Shovelhead Cylinder and piston kit can be used to build 84", 86" or 88" stroker engines, or to replace the cylinders and piston in an engine with an screamin' eagle ® street performance crate motor This street-tuned 120 cubic inch Screamin’ Eagle ® Crate Motor takes your bagger from mild to wild. 5 heavy duty rods. i have read alot on this forum that most of you don't care for 1974 Harley Davidson Sportster 80’s Custom/chopper With 86 Inch Stroker Motor - Used Harley-davidson Sportster for sale in Laura, Ohio | Lunny's Auto 100" Fat So Combo Here is a Super Deal on this fresh built 100" Black and Chrome Fat So with S&S Flywheels , S&S oil pump , S&S cam , Keith Black pistons and Mikuni 42mm Carb ! Also included is a brand new black and 5 speed , new chrome hi torque starter and new 3" open belt drive . Canada's Motorcycle Parts outlet discount retailer for high quality motorcycle parts and accessories such as Vance & Hines , Drag Specialties, Cobra USA, Performance Machine, Memphis Shades, Rinehart Exhaust, Freedom Performance, Mustang and Saddlemen Seats and much more. Shop with confidence. 9. Selling left over parts from a build. 5” stroker flywheels require special stroker pistons which are also available. Victory does. Years of research into high performance piston technology has resulted in what we believe to be the finest high performance pistons available for your Sportster or Buell. Our Sportster GT seat is based on our racing-inspired Sportster CS model, with unique design features and fabrics that will complement the styling of high-end sports cars and sports sedans. With the stock OEM oiling system configuration when oil pressure becomes excessive it is bypassed from the high side of the feed to the low sidebasically "looping". Includes an 89" Stroker kit with 4-5/8" stroker flywheels assembled with mainshafts, heavy duty connecting rod set. Stroker kits are a fantastic way to increase both displacement and overall power. The following rule of thumb applies: more stroke - more sports. You can find 47 used and new purple Harley-Davidson Sportster motocycles for sale here. See notes on second-hand Harley parts below. $2,099. Parts list for 750cc 741 with XL flywheels. NOTE: JD, 45XL, XLR, EVXL, K and KH flywheels are specialty flywheels, priced the same as TorqueMonster flywheels. Nope, an EVO engine is about 1. The 57 stroker however has a real small rod ratio 1. Delkron, S&S Cycle, T-Man Performance, and R&R Cycle all have purpose designed heads for the twin cam with S&S providing EVO, EVO Sportster Shovelhead and Panhead replacements. Parts off of a 2006 Harley Sportster, will fit any 2004+ Sportster. Thanks What we're talking about is a vintage Burkhardt stroker that I got running for the first time today. He started by changing the flywheels in his own Sportster, but eventually he and Paul Osborn started to create and manufacture their own flywheels, frames, cams, cylinders and rods. 00 This is a 1970 XLH sportster with a matching numbers frame. $539. Rebuild Your Sportster Motor up to 86” $1595. Cranks feature a straight press crank pin and bearings as used in OEM crankshafts. to 0. - Stroker Flywheels hd h-d harley davidson parts service services expert mechanic repair v-twin engine rebuild rebuilding sportster big twin flathead knucklehead Can an EVO Sportster fit into a 1966 Sportster frame? Answer: Yes I can. HARLEY-DAVIDSON H-D FLATHEAD 45" WL, G Side-Valve 900cc Stroker Flywheels - $425. Others have posted regarding the nature of a 57 stroker engine compared to 45, saying that the 57 wouldn't rev well and would be like riding a mini chief. Two extra gas tanks. harley davidson flywheels - compare prices at BuyCheapr. 9 cu in) and 1,200 cc (73 cu in) displacements for the Harley-Davidson Sportster, replacing the ironhead Sportster engine. Revolution Performance offers crankshaft repair services to help you fix your damaged, unbalanced, out of true flywheel. Due to the longer stroke, the cylinders are taller than stock, necessitating frame clearance in the backbone and seat post. They must be a super stroker flywheel set as the crank pin tapers are really close to the edge of the flywheel. Other kits include performance cam installation, big bore cylinders, or stroker flywheels. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a Gold Club membership, plus free everyday tech support on aftermarket Harley-Davidson Flywheels & motorcycle parts. Twin Cam Features: S&S 3-piece flywheels with integral main shafts are the strongest yet, made from 4140 steel and feature a larger 1. Darkhorse Crankworks' proprietary process to blueprint and balance, build or remanufacture crankshaft assemblies for the best builders in the world is the key to your dealerships success. Buell flywheels were much lighter (I believe around 12 lbs). The difference is amazing. Khk stroker flywheels, KR rear frame modified to use rear brake, hummer forks, linkert carb, xlr exhaust pipes. Unfollow harley davidson stroker flywheels to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Over the last 60 years, Ironhead Sportsters have been the basis for choppers, bobbers, cafe racers, drag bikes, flat trackers, scramblers, hill-climbers, fully-faired track bikes, and even trikes. The "F" mark stands for front cylinder 30° before top dead center (TDC). Find harley from a vast selection of Crankshafts & Con Rods. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a Gold Club membership, plus free everyday tech support on aftermarket Motorcycle Flywheels & motorcycle parts. S&S 74” 1972-85 XL Stroker Kit includes 4 5/8” flywheels and rod assembly, Assembled and balanced. S&S CYCLE 124" REPLACEMENT ENGINE. I no longer work as a motorcycle mechanic (except on WHEN TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGH: TWIN CAM BIG BORE AND STROKER KITS FOR 117 AND 124 CUBIC INCHES! For the Twin Cam owner seeking the ultimate power, S&S offers cylinder and piston kits in both 117 and 124 cubic inches! Hang on tight, because with one of these kits your Harley will be transformed into a fire breathing monster. Each component is engineered with the strongest possible construction available. The original key switch was inop, ( Still has factory paper isolator intact on the back side of it. much stronger than the new model's. The Buell rev limiter kicks in at 6800 rpm, a Sportster signs off at 6500. 95/set. 04, gets you guess what?… S&S flywheels and rods and either S&S or Delkron cases. *Please Note* 1972-1981 Original Harley flywheels used sprocket shaft part # 24001-72. I bought the two piece set for my 2002 sportster and installed them. 4765 wide. Application Stroke Bore Flywheel Dia. THESE KITS REQUIRE SPECIAL S&S PISTONS. Click here for a complete list of all parts needed. <P> Got a request for a part you can't find our our Old Flywheels Dennis, I don’t know if this fits the format, but because we no longer have a meeting place for vintage Harley racers, I thought I'd give it a shot I'm building, make that assembling, an XLR and needed flywheels. Stroker means flywheels with increased stroke for more cubic inches in high performance engines. “Harley-Davidson” name for reference purposes only. Explore Our Forums. 1900RLA Use onShovelhead 1970-84 4 5/8” N/A 8 1/2” N/A Use on EVO 1984-1999 SHOVELHEAD STROKER FLYWHEELASSEMBLY KITS HAMMER PERFORMANCE can handle all your Sportster/Buell crank prep! A pressed crankshaft for a rubber mount XL Sportster with Carrillo rods and welded crankpin. Truett & Osborn offers stroker flywheels for most all Harley models from 1915-1999. 650˝ valves without changing the seats making a serious but economic option for that budget build. I would rather use the factory flywheels than buy new ones. We can supply you with a balanced, assembled and trued crankshaft, stock stroke or stroker, that’s ready to install in your case. Installation on my Sportster took less than an hour; the balancer just bolts to the face of the motor sprocket. $799. note, this is a pic of drive side of primary. View Details. This engine is designed for bolt-in installation in the Original Equipment-style chassis of your Touring bike. All wrinkle black except chain inspection cover, push rod covers, and lower valve covers which are semi gloss. This flywheel may be static balanced as a unit, but not dynamically balanced. 8125”) longer than the original stroke length, only 1/16” longer than the famous KH flywheels (no longer available) used for 50 years in these engines. 89 stock bore stroker flywheel. Stroker Flywheel Kit - 320-0454. Although there is an interference fit between the crank pin and the inside diameter of the flywheels where the crank pin is inserted, there still Also in 2007, electronic fuel injection was introduced to the Sportster family, and the Nightster model was introduced in mid-year. Save 10% ($79. Instruction Sheet For JIMS® Stroker Flywheels Rev D 10/04 No. 76 Shovel S&S Big Bore, 4 1/2 in Stroke, Trued Balanced, Torque Monster Flywheels, Elec. I tried an NOS Sportster rod which is 1. 3-7/8" bore. It's a takeoff. It probably fits many others. We carry the latest Harley-Davidson® models, including Street®, Sportster®, Dyna®, Softail®, V-Rod®, Touring, S-Series and CVO™. I would guess the reduction in vibration to be around 50% or better. Then came larger carburetors for gas and nitro, capable of supplying the demands of larger displacement stroker engines. Your source for V-Twin aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories. Why? The breather utilizes oil pressure and a unique passage design to maximize oil system control. NOTES STOCK BORE STROKER KITS FOR HARLEY-DAVIDSON® IRONHEAD SPORTSTER® MODELS Year Part # 1977-’81 32-3055 Custom Flywheels 32-3014 Note - Order pistons separately. 1999-2006 SCE Harley Davidson 4. Stroker Flywheel Kit - 320-0454 at Dennis Kirk. (including stroker flywheels just like Check out this hot bike tech on installing a Sidewinder/Stroker Hot Set-Up kit which turns any Evo Stroke into 89ci Evo Sporty - 89-inch Sportster. Not affiliated with Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Sign up for our newsletter to receive special discounts and product announcements. These S&S® crankshaft assemblies are perfect for reconditioning and high performance applications. Consequence of 1 These forged, 3-7/8" big bore stroker pistons are compatible with stock or S&S Super Stock cylinder heads in Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 88/88B engines and are designed to be used in conjunction with S&S 4-1/2" stroke flywheels to increase displacement of stock 1999-'06 88" or 95" engines to 106". Steel pushrods are the best choice for stroker  The Flite Test Mini Sportster is a smaller more agile version of the larger Swappable Sportster. bikerpartsuperstore. 1974 Sportster Engine with title. Stroker kit 1977 XLH dawg141. Wake up your Evolution with this kit. Harley Torquemonster Flywheels Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead XL EL FL JD EVO. Suntech Innovations also sells active balancers for clutches, wheels, and even flywheels, but I haven't tried any of those myself. V And Vi , 1991 And Up Brand New From Gm Marine. Stroke It!! Truett & Osborn offers stroker flywheels for most all Harley models from 1957-E1981. The "R" mark is rear cylinder 30° before TDC. If you're thinking of having it done at a motorcycle shop, a complete Ironhead engine build could easily run $2,000 with some shops quoting over $3,000. 12-1 pistons 4 5/8" S&S stroker flywheels Sifton 205s Dual plug heads w/ compression releases Kibblewhite springs and alloy collars R intake valves 61" HD barrels Burkhardt trap door Morris Front mounted X5 magneto Ace Knee and ankle braces Used 1975 Harley Sportster Engine Cases for sale in Madisonville, TN 37354, USA - 1975 Harley Sportster Engine Cases posted by Hoyt Dotson Jr. jfrost77hd 12,844 views. Maximize the horsepower and torque available for your street-compliant Sportster® model. Truett & Osborn Stroker Flywheels for 45” Flatheads Boost your little Flatty up to 54 cui or 900cc and experience the change from a lame duck to an agile pony. Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson® is a H-D® dealership located in Thiensville, WI. Fast, Free shipping and the best customer service. This is a very reasonable investment - it’s only a small part of your total motor cost, and does more in one step than anything else - more than hot cams, bigger carburetor, etc. You can also use K/KR or early Sportster cams, but this requries machine work to the cases. A lot of machining and post treament to retain strength after lightening is into these. The motor was sent out to the local hot rod shop for a complete stroke job and engine rebuild. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services hi fellas, i have a 1/2 stroker in a 54 fle, it has been apart for the better part of thirty years, and i am starting the slow process of building it again. 500" S&S stroker flywheels& rods EVO/Shovel f/s. New starter clutch. twin cam 96tm/103tm s 2007-2012 parts for ction 3 1984-1999 big twins e s&s® 89 stroker kit for 1984 99 big twins by increasing the stroke of the 80 harley-davidson® evolution® big twin engine from 41/4 to 45/8 the displacement is increased to 89 cubic inches an 89 stroker kit makes a perfect stepping stone to a 96 engine in the future s&s 89 stroker kit. 3"/3-3/16" Bore Sportster Stroker Kit Installation Instructions OHV Engines 1957 and 1985 ® Safe Installation and Operation Rules: Before installing your new S&S stroker kit it is your responsibility to read and follow the installation procedures in these instructions and follow the basic rules below for your personal safety. Flywheels for 61" OHV & Big Twin Flathead models are only available in Torquemonster version. These 4. 95). You will have to find the Harley parts yourself, but IPE has all the rest. SHOP NOW · M8 Big Bore Cylinder Kits. The new stroke is 4-5/8” (4. Dry Weight = 330 Pounds. 4 5/8 stroke assembled flywheels 3. It wasn't too long before S&S introduced stroker flywheels to make Harley® engines bigger. S&S V2 Sportster style flywheels have timing marks on both flywheels to accommodate four speed and five speed With her Axtell cylinders, Truett & Osborn stroker flywheels, 77 cubic inches displacement, and superior breathing - through dual 38MM Mikuni carburators and heads that were heavily ported and modified by Jerry Branch - Don's cute little 1959 XLCH Ironhead Sportster is definitely not a Harley for sissies. flywheel and piston rebuilding service ($145. They have all been carefully tailored for peak performance at specific operating ranges. All powder coated in wrinkle black or a semi gloss black. 95. longhairedcountryboy 1977 Sportster, 2003 Wide Glide 1 point 2 points 3 points 3 years ago They work well with the stroker Flywheels. I was going to get even bigger cams but everybody talked me out of it. 4-1/2” stroke assemblies make for excellent long haulers while 4-5/8” strokers should be considerd by the sporting rider only. There will also be marks for the rear Stroker Flywheel sets for Models include left and right mainshafts and connecting Please specify model year desired when ordering. Question: I just bought a 2000 Sportster Sport and the previous owner laid the bike down and scraped the left bottom shock absorber Also available in the Sportster model beginning in 1986, it was made in the 1,100 cc (67 cu in) displacement until 1988 and is still made in the 883 cc (53. CALL FOR OUR LOW PRICING. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 1 of 1 Posts Softail, Sportster, and more. Sportster CS Seats by Recaro Redefine the interior style of your vehicle with the Sportster CS. Sands Cycle Harley-davidson Ironhead Xl Sportster Crankshaft Stroker Kit 74 72up For Sale Online. TR knows your engine is only as good as the bottom end! With Harley’s decision to cut back on the quality of their bottom end…. Packages are available for Milwaukee Eight®, Twin Cam®, Evolution®, and Sportster® engines. Thicker boss washers are not available for K-models. Ironhead Engine Cases have been Set Up for Stroker Flywheels - letgo Opinions on a '79 AMF Sportster 1500 I built an Ironhead stroker with 4-5/8" stroke flywheels and bored it something like . 74 STROKER KIT FOR IRONHEAD XL - CALL FOR PRICES. IRONHEAD SPORTSTER STROKER KITS. For 1957-1976 Sportster models and1955 Shop the best Harley-Davidson Flywheels for your motorcycle at J&P Cycles. S&S Cycle is not associated with Harley-Davidson, Inc. Power is right there for the taking, it comes on early and often. 8125" stroke crankshaft and 6. 30 over S&S pistons, y grind Andrews cams, Dyna ignition with S&S super e carb. This is a complete list of the parts you need for the lower end (flywheels, rods, bearings), including used and new Harley parts, special IPE stroker parts and regular Indian parts. 4835 and it is still not wide enough. We specialize in aftermarket and custom parts and accessories for most makes and models! We sell Engine Flywheels Rods and Parts and parts from V-Twin, Bikers Choice for your Harley. Find the S&S 84" Stock Bore Stroker Kit for 1970-1984 Harley Shovelhead models at Get Lowered Cycles. 00 Vintage Harley Davidson Flywheels Sportster Iron Head And Rods 24296-52. In addition, the Find great deals on eBay for stroker flywheels. gathering this data is making me think about lots of issues for improving Indians - for example, reviewing S&S literature, they state that for bottom end shafts, these are the proven desirable features to strengthen built-up cranks: 6 The illustration to the right, shows a dynamically imbalanced flywheel. 00, please help fill in the blanks or get in touch if you have corrections!I offer this work in progress. show product info. , although those parts S&S ® 4-5/8" Stroke Flywheel Assembly W/O Sprocket Shaft Bearing Race For S&S ® T124 Engines and Hot Set Up Kit ®, 2007-'16 Non-balanced HD ® Big Twins, and 2006 Dyna Mode Find great deals on eBay for sportster flywheels. JIMS 135" Twin Cam 2. We can even assist in shipping. Get great deals on eBay! 22516-04 Harley-davidson Screamin Eagle Piston Kit (51. FOR THE ULTIMATE POWER FROM YOUR SPORTSTER: THE NRHS 88" and 90" KITS FOR EVOLUTION SPORTSTERS! This kit is not for the faint of heart! Your Sportster will surprise and amaze you with the torque and horsepower these kits produce. The flywheels are pressed onto the crank pin. The lightened rotating mass is better if you are going to be frequently visiting the upper 454 502 Flywheels, Gen. In the 2008 model year, Harley-Davidson released the XR1200 Sportster in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. We also offer rentals, service, and financing near the areas of Grafton, Cedarburg, Mequon and Brown Deer. Flexibility of the compact V-twin and basic frame are nearly limitless. this would constitute a major engine modification and should only be performed by a professional engine builder. Used crankshaft, rods, and flywheels for 1000 Sportster XLX. Pre-Owned Flywheels for 45" Flathead, K-Model, Sportster and JD models are only available in stock weight. The "TF" mark is TDC front cylinder. t4874 ‘57-up Sportster® t4875 ‘55-up Big Twin tImken® bearIng race InStaller Use to install bearing races in left crankcase & to press in bearing races straight. 45 Stroker Flywheels: 4-5/8” This is a brand-new quality product made in America by the famous “Truett & Osborn” company for all Harley-Davidson 45” motors 1937-73, for street or racing use. $1,399. Pick up a replacement Evo motor for your bike. LEARN MORE  Hooligan Kit - 883cc to 1200cc for 2000-'19 HD® Sportster® Models - Silver. Full Forum Listing. I found that the vibration reduction effect was small but definitely noticeable. Since his rig had a higher-compression 64-inch engine (courtesy of S&S stroker flywheels) with PB-plus cams and a damn loud exhaust, his bike should have been quicker, but I secretly figured the 125 pounds of extra fat his bike had from the turn signals, electric starter, those heavy disc brakes, slip-prone wet clutch and all, made the difference. 7 7/8. In 1997 this bike was taken apart for some work. Jan Willem Boon Obsolete New Old Stock (NOS) parts for your Harley-Davidson / Buell motorcycle and American made replacement parts Used Harley Davidson dyna for sale in Bulverde - Harley Davidson dyna posted by Raegan Lewis in Bulverde. 0. These crankshafts are balanced and assembled by S&S® with standard diameter flywheels and S&S® heavy-duty rods. Don't confuse or even try to compare RB Racing Turbos with other "Harley Turbos" such as Aerochargers which are a simple copy of our "blow thru flat slide carb" design of 1985 to 1989 that reached a high point with Joe Walker's famous show-winning "Jap-Zapper" Turbo/Nitrous 1989 Springer Softail that won 1st place at the 50th Sturgis Rally (See For over 25 years STD Development has been setting the standard for the world's strongest aftermarket cases, high performance heads and related engine components for the Harley-Davidson ® and American V-Twin market. Product Overview. Any sportbike, chopper, touring, minibike, scooter, as well as Harley-Davidson Sportster moto parts. 375 stroker crankshaft H-Beam rods Nice. And by using Bob Nichols lightweight alloy flywheels/rods etc. This came from a 1984. com HARLEY PARTS High Quality Parts from CAS4. Get these from a reputable supplier of Harley parts » Flywheels - Stroker Kits » Big Twin Flywheels » Stock Flywheels » Stroker » Classic Pre-1984 Flywheels » Sportster Flywheels » Flywheel Components » Lifter - Tappet - Kits » Oil Pump » Pinions » Pistons & Rings » Pushrod Covers » Pushrods » Rocker Arm - Rocker Box » Sprocket Shaft » Valve - Springs - Kits » Seals, Gaskets & O A vintage Sportster engine will take considerable time and money to rebuild properly. had a guy workin on it but quit? Ironhead Sportster Project. this is a stroker mod. ironhead sportster flywheels crankshaft connecting rods 57-76 900 1000 xl harley. Also aftermarket & S&S motors. comes out Stroker flywheels for the 1957-* Harley-Davidson Sportster. $510. These kits use a stock 3. The success of the stroker motor led to the production of custom made stroker flywheels, which you can still buy today. Stroker Kits 106" Twin Cam Stroker Kits Sportster Ironhead 1972-1985 Sproker Kits Top End Kits Crankshaft Flywheel Cylinders and Cylinder Piston Kits Pistons Heads Tappets, Lifters, Push Rods, Parts and Kits Cam - Cam Kits - Cam Covers Oil System Stroker Kits 106" Twin Cam Stroker Kits Sportster Ironhead 1972-1985 Sproker Kits Top End Kits Crankshaft Flywheel Cylinders and Cylinder Piston Kits Pistons Heads Tappets, Lifters, Push Rods, Parts and Kits Cam - Cam Kits - Cam Covers Oil System Harley-davidson H-d Flathead 45 Wl, G Side-valve 900cc Stroker Flywheels. HD45 flywheels & Sportster flywheels are priced the same as Lighter weight flywheels. 87 Harley Davidson Sportster Xlh883 Evo Main Frame Straight Cln. It was removed to install a stroker kit. sportster stroker flywheels

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